Astroimtools has the following strict requirements:

pytest-astropy is required to run the test suite.

Some functionality is available only if the following optional dependencies are installed:

  • Photutils 0.7.2 or later: Used in cutout tools.

  • Matplotlib 2.2 or later: Used in cutout tools.

Installing the latest released version

The latest released (stable) version of astroimtools can be installed either with pip or conda.

Using pip

To install astroimtools with pip, run:

pip install astroimtools

If you want to make sure that none of your existing dependencies get upgraded, instead you can do:

pip install astroimtools --no-deps

Using conda

astroimtools can be installed with conda if you have installed Anaconda or Miniconda. To install astroimtools using the Astroconda Anaconda channel, run:

conda install astroimtools -c

Testing an Installed Astroimtools

The easiest way to test your installed version of astroimtools is running correctly is to use the test() function:

>>> import astroimtools
>>> astroimtools.test()

Note that this may not work if you start Python from within the astroimtools source distribution directory.

The tests should run and print out any failures, which you can report to the astroimtools issue tracker.